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8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Jessica,

    Thank you so much for sharing your journals with the world. It’s a fascinating and unique lifestyle you lived. And I’ve really enjoyed so far of what I’ve read of the journal and commentary.

    I’m actually currently working on a screenplay for a movie that takes place in a community like the FLDS and I’d be interested in asking you some questions some time if you’d be willing to help. Either through e-mail or over the phone. Let me know if that might be a possibility, I’d really really appreciate it.

    Thanks so much!

    -Kevin Lacy

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Jessica. As someone who watches from the outside, this fills in a lot of the story for me. Best wishes to you and your family.

  3. I just found your blog. I love it. You write so well, even as a teen! Also, you are ridiculously beautiful. You have an amazing smile and air about you in your photos. I hope you know that. Being fat doesn’t make you ugly in any way. *hugs from Brigham City*

    I grew up in the mainstream LDS church, but my best friend’s father came from a polygamy background, so polygamy never seemed weird to me growing up. I really am loving reading about your childhood with the FLDS faith.

    1. Hey Laura! Things are good, thanks for checking on me. I apologize for not posting recently. I just started a new job in October and it has been taking up a lot of my extra time. I will post as soon as possible!


  4. Dear Jessica,
    I hope everything is going all right for you. I know that we are Internet Strangers and I don’t want to invade your privacy, but I have become so absorbed in your story so far and just want to know that you are well. I get worried for example that members of the FLDS have maybe tried to convince you to re-join. I know that has happened to some of the people who managed to escape, so I want to make sure you know that people out here care about you too. Just hoping you are well and too busy to post!

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This blog is my FLDS story, in my own prewritten words taken from my 4 Diary's from the age 13-18 up until I left.

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