March 2, 2008

“March 2, 2008 Sunday 

Today is Mother Clea’s birthday (Mother Jenny’s 3rd Mother) and Grandpa Arnie invited us to Lee’s Ferry. Mother drove the BMW and Danielle got to ride with us. It was super fun and we took a ton of pictures. Guess what!? I got to drive all the way home through the Kiabab mountains and everything, a 2 1/2 hour drive! It was really fun. 


March 11, 2008 Tuesday 

Today is Candice’s birthday, she is 5 years old! I went with Gramma to clean houses in Leeds and St. George today. For some reason she felt like she owed me money so she bought me a ton of seeds I wanted from Walmart and on the way home we stopped at classic sports to “return some shoes” and she came out with some 30 dollar clog shoes for me! She is such a stubborn and hilarious lady. I love her SO much! I am so glad I get to see her so much.”

Clogs aka Crocs. Which took the lovely Creeker ladies by storm. I had a hard time stopping wearing them after I left. Thank God I did. Someone should have told me sooner. My Grandma that I was talking about here is my Dads Mom. She is still in the FLDS I haven’t seen her for over 5 years. 

Photos are from Candice’s Birthday BBQ at Maxwell Park


“March 15, 2008 Saturday 

I got paid today. $125. Its been 3 months since I started and I haven’t gotten a raise yet. The other girls get $250 a week. I work the same hours (40) and as hard as they do. I am gonna have to work up the guts to ask Uncle Randy.


March 16, 2008 Sunday 

When I got up this morning it was cold and snowing. Everyone in town has been plowing and planting like crazy the past few weeks, Spring Fever Galore! It has been so warm lately everyone just thought it was spring. So you can imagine our surprise when we woke up and it was 25 degrees. “

I have since gotten use to the Utah “Springs” 


March 17, 2008 Monday

Father just told us we are fasting for a few days. Something is going on with Uncle Warren but we don’t know what it is. About a month ago he was moved to Kingman. Maybe someone is pressing charges there. I hope and pray that everything will go as the Lord wills it too! 


March 19, 2008 Wednesday 

I had a huge mishap with my clothes this morning and I didn’t get to work until 10:00am. Thank goodness Uncle Randy wasn’t there. Sadie C went to Vegas and barely got back today. I really missed her, she is a hilarious person! I worked as hard as I could and got a lot done. I am about to go to Hurricane to trade the green shoes Grandma got for me for black ones. I hope we go to Perks. I Loooooove Perks! 


They didn’t have the black shoes so we went to Perks and then broke our fast at Wendy’s. It was sooo good! 

Perks was the highlight of my trips to St. George/Hurricane. It is one of those tiny coffee shops that live in parking lots. I went to St. George this past week and got to indulge, it always brings back memories. I craved it like crazy when I was a teenager. 


March 21, 2008 Saturday

We RAS girls went on a Picnic for lunch up the canyon. We had so much fun! We did the hokey pokey on the baseketball court with girls from 14-22 years old. There were tons of people watching us and I loved it! We all raced home and I won. 

This is the first glimpse of my love of being the center of attention. I loved people watching me doing things that weren’t normal, that were brave, and eventually, “evil”. 

March 25, 2008 Tuesday 

Uncle Randy announced that we would be officially counting our hours now. They found out that they made $6.25 an hour and were appalled when they found out that I made $3.16 an hour. I am hoping for Phil to come to his senses and give me a raise. I mean. $3.16 an hour! For Pete’s sake! 

March 26, 2008 Wednesday

Tillie got her surgery done today (to remove cysts from her ovaries) She is home now and in a lot of pain. I hope SOOOO MUCH that this surgery helps her get better so she can lead a healthy youth! 

Some photos of Tillie from March 2008. The story with the red feather in her dress is from our old favorite movie “Ever After” that we use to watch before movies were outlawed in the FLDS, there was a scene when one of the stepsisters (its a Cinderella story) was trying to impress the prince and didn’t have a brooch on her chest so she stuffed a feather there and stuck it out. Tillie was making fun. 🙂 


Here Is a video of Tillie playing with my little sister Libby at this same BBQ 


March 27, 2008 Thursday

I bought Miranda Pride and Prejudice and What a Girl Wants from Amazon. I bought me a Paul Potts CD and all the seasons of Bonanza! 

Any other parents in the FLDS would never let their kid on the internet. Let alone buy things that they didn’t know of. I always bought something to cover up the movies and music I bought and just convince my parents that I just bought some Paul Potts (An America’s got Talent winner, we always followed it on youtube) and they believed me almost every time! I was a lucky bugger. 

Pride and Prejudice was a favorite of my Moms (the 6 hour BBC miniseries with Colin Firth) We had them on VCR when we lived in Salt Lake and had since gotten rid of them. I had my own copy and bought Miranda one too. I re-watched them regularly. I still watch the whole 6 hours at least once a year if not more. I love Jane Austen! Thanks Mom!

March 28, 2008 Friday 

Me and Miss went hiking the Narrows with Karyn, Esther, Tina, and Marie. When we got about 3/4 up I couldn’t go any more, I was exhausted so  I made them go ahead and I went back down. On the way back down I slipped on a rock and fell about 6 feet off a cliff. It really hurt but I was fine. I got to the bottom and started building a dam on the stream. When the others reached me we got in the car and drove around town and whistled and waved at every person we passed, It was very, very fun. 

The Narrows are not to be mistaken with the very popular Narrows in Zions National Park. We had a natural spring that ran through a canyon up in Hildale and there was a hiking trail along the way. This is what I was referring too. 

March 29, 2008 Saturday 

We went to town today, Manda came with us. For the first time EVER I bought me a DVD, Music and Lyrics. It was very nerve-wracking I’ll tell ya!! But, I made it! 

Up to this point I bought all my contraband online. I remember prepping for this, I talked to all my friends who had dared buy a DVD with parents and “righteous people” around (hence, why I mentioned my cousin Manda came with us) they all told me the same thing, you had to pick out the DVD you wanted, hide it and rush to the cashier and pay for it while hoping no one you know saw you, then you had to run to the bathroom, open the DVD discard the case and store the DVD in your bra or leggings underneath your dress and keep it there until you made it safely back to your bedroom. I was so scared cause while my parents weren’t as snoopy as others, I would still be in big trouble if I got caught, I might even lose my job. 

March 31, 2008 Monday

All of the girls got paid today except for me. I don’t know why. Phil paid them all the same and didn’t even count the hours like he was supposed to. I am so down. I hope that he does next week. 

I’m sure the reason he pretended he didn’t count the hours was because he actually did and realized that we all worked a lot more than 40 hours per week. We had been keeping track and were pretty excited about getting some extra money. 

Here are some Family Photos from March 2008. I was discovering a love for taking pictures and you will notice I am rarely on camera, I was always the one taking pictures and still am. I have an side amateur photography business. 


Here and here are some home videos from March 2008. The second one starts out with my sister singing “You’re the one that I want” from the musical Grease. It was just a ringtone but my Mom had grown up listening to the 80’s and watching movies so she passed on some of what she learned to us through her love of singing so that’s how we knew the song. 









2 thoughts on “March 2, 2008”

  1. Are you going to be uploading anymore? I really enjoy reading your blog. I actually read everything you had in on here in just a few days and I’m thirsty for more.

    1. Hi JoAnna! My apologies, I have been incredibly busy with work and trying to prepare for college that I have stopped posting here. I do intend to finish my journals, I will post more as soon as I am able. Thank you SO much for reading, I appreciate it very much.


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