May 13, 2007

“May 13, 2007 Sunday 

We had a hot-dog roast with Roys guys at Dagrow today. Ruth was SO nice. I hate to say this but our families didn’t get along very well down here. Oh, we liked Roy’s guys good enough  and their children were fun to be around, but for some reason, Roy just didn’t like us and every time we got to Dagrow he gathered up his children and left. I don’t know what the problem was. Anyway, we had a BBQ with them and Ruth and the children were so nice. Roy was grouchy but it was nice to know that Ruth still likes us! She is such a nice person! P.S. The name Ruth means: Beautiful friend 🙂 

May 15, 2007 Tuesday

Mother went for a dentist appointment today. She took Missy, Isaac, David and Johnny. I am so glad I didn’t have to go! Mother is going to take Isaac and David up to Uncle Randalls house until she gets home with the baby. Mother Jenny HATES Isaac and when Mother is gone she picks on him like crazy and argues with him like a 3 year old. Anyway, Mother is going to have it tomorrow! I am SO excited!! 


Johnny ended up staying at Uncle Randalls too. Ben came down to get his clothes and he brought a package from Tillie. She bought me, Missy and Sharon some shoes, their called Clogs or Crocs, they’re all the rage right now. Tillie is such a wonderful friend! Not because she buys me stuff but because she gives herself so unselfishly! I Love her SO much and I don’t know how I will every repay her! 


Mother is going in at 4 in the morning tomorrow and I am GOING! I’m nervous. 

May 16, 2007 Wednesday 

We had a little GIRL at 8:30 this morning! 


I am sitting in Mothers hospital room, our baby is about 6 hours old. Mother got wheeled into surgery at 8:12 I was told I could go in and be with her but I didn’t want to, I would probably pass out or something. Anyway, I waited in the hall outside the OR and at 8:45 Father and a nurse came wheeling a baby past me and Father said “that is your baby sister” I was SO happy! I AM so happy! I stood in the nursery with her for an hour and 45 minutes. It was so fun! She held my finger most the time! She weighs 6.11 pounds and is 18 inches long and she has tons of dark brown hair! She is the CUTEST little thing! She looks like Candice from the nose down and Missy from the nose up and she has a little dimple on her cheek. She is my chubby, precious little girl and I LOVE HER!!!! 

DSCF6121 DSCF6135

May 17, 2007 Thursday

You won’t BELIEVE the name father was “inspired” with!! Oh, its so gross! Its……its. Roberta! For my sweet precious baby! Please…NO!!!! 


I stayed with Mother all day yesterday and I’ll probably stay all day today we have the nicest nurses! 


Guess who came to visit!? JACK!! He came at 1:30 and stayed for about an hour and 20 minutes. He looked really fine, he definitely didn’t look like a slob, he was clean and had short hair and he looked as handsome as ever! And when he left he gave me a HUG! I never though Jack would give me a hug! Oh, I miss him. 


The nurse is going to take the baby all night for a car-seat test. She is down to 6.3 today. Mother thinks she is not getting enough food. She is such a prefect baby! I Love her to death! 

Mother Jenny is here with Missy, I am going to go home with her and shower and wash my dress then I’ll go back tonight. 

May 18, 2007 Friday 

I got back to the hospital at 10:30. I slept for a few hours then rearranged my room because Tommy is moving in with us. Mother still doesn’t have a bed. Anyway, Father finally got home and we left at 9:30 and now I am back with my darling baby and my dear Mother. 


The nurse finally brought my baby back! She said she had a bad choking incident during the night and she went blue. She pumped her out and now she is doing way better! I am so glad the nurse was with her, just think if she was sitting at her desk and didn’t hear her! Oh Thank you Heavenly Father for taking care of my baby!  P.S. she is down to 6 pounds, I hope she will gain soon! 


We have the NICEST nurse! Her name is Arlene, she is so kind and caring! Every time I meet an extra kind person I thank Heavenly Father for them and she is definitely one of the kindest I’ve met! 

May 19, 2007 Saturday

Mother is leaving today, she wants Father to let her go stay up at Hildale for a few days. I hope he says yes for Mother but I hope he says no for me because I’ll miss the baby something DREADFUL! 


Debbie came to visit today. She was way uglier than when I last saw her. She has lost her sparkle and natural beauty. She was a chalky dummy, a puppet ran by evil. I just about started crying. All in all, it was really good to see her. I miss her like crazy. Madie called 3 times yesterday and 1 time this morning. It makes me miss her too. 


Well, we are gone and out of there! We are on our way to home town to see Grandma and get the boys. Hildale told Mother they were full and she couldn’t go stay. When father told her, she just started crying. It makes me feel so bad! 


Mother cried all the way to town. 


We stayed in town for 3 hours. Uncle Randall offered Mother to stay at his house but Father said no. So we went home. Mother is sleeping in Fathers room until she gets a bed. 

DSCF6139 DSCF6137 DSCF6155 DSCF6160 DSCF6158

I feel so bad for my Mommy. She spent her entire pregnancy sleeping on the couch because Father couldn’t buy her a bed. Her and Dad got a water bed as a wedding gift that they used up until we moved to Mesquite and we were unable to bring it down for her. She was always so stressed at home, especially Mesquite because of the close quarters. We were consntanly fighting with Jenny or running away from her and it wasn’t good with the new baby. Mom just wanted to rest for a few more days and I don’t blame her. 

“Hildale” was the local clinic/maternity ward in Colorado City ran by the FLDS. 


3 thoughts on “May 13, 2007”

  1. I watched a special on showtime called Prophets prey the other night and since have been reading all I can about the flds. I came across your stories, and let me just say, OBSESSED!!! Every time my baby woke up for a feeding, as soon as she fell back asleep, I was reading until my eyes couldn’t stay open. You are a BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, BRAVE young woman. I pray that you are doing amazing, as you deserve it so.

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