April 22, 2007

“April 22, 2007 Sunday 

You are my 3rd journal since I was 13 years old. Now I am 15 years old. A lot has happened since my first journal (October 2004) Debbie, Jack and Madie have all left the work, Mother had a baby (Tommy) we have moved 3 times. Mother is expecting her 12th child. Madie, Marg and Mother Stephanie had a baby, Gail left the work. Debbie came back 3 times and left 3 times. I have had a life full of happiness and sorrow and I am very blessed to have such loving family and friends. I realize I haven’t really told you about the people in my life:

Tillie Rohbock: She is 18 years old and her birthday is June 1st she is tall with thick black hair and brown eyes, she is my cousin and my best friend (I LOVE YOU TILLIE) 

Marg: She is my Aunt but more like a sister, she is my Mothers Brothers wife (Ben) and Mothers best friend. She is tall with black hair and blue eyes. She is very special to me. 

Aunt April: She is 44 years old and is Tillie’s Mother. She is my mentor, she is understanding, kind, but firm. She gives me advice when needed and lets me figure out the rest, even though she knows just about everything. 

Grandma Debra: She is Fathers Mother and taught me school until I was 13 years old. She is super fun and a very creative person and I love her to death! 

Aunt Lucy: She was my sewing class teacher. She taught me many lessons in sewing and much more. I think of her every day. She is such a special person and I love her a lot! 

Mariam: She works at the Flower Depot, she is funny and sweet and such a good friend! 

Aunt Sarah: She owns the Flower Depot – She is Mariams Mother and is so fun to be around! 

Margie Fisher: She is 14 years old. We lived at her house for 4 months and I don’t think I would have survived without her! She is the sweetest and most forgiving person I know, and she is one of my best friends. 

Ruthie Fisher: She is 15. We both like books and I like her a lot. 

Tommy meeting his new little brother, William
More family fun021
Father with his youngest children Tommy and William

April 25, 2007 Monday 

Well, know that you know my family and friends I am going to tell you what is going on in my life. Mother Jenny had a baby on April 17th, she just got home on Saturday. His name is William Logan, cute huh! Mother is expecting and is due on June 8th but she has high blood-pressure and so many complications and might have the baby very early (maybe even tomorrow!) If its in stress. We have lived in Mesquite for 7 months and Mother still doesn’t have a bed. She sleeps on the couch. Dagrow sold on Friday. It is such a blessing. Father and the others have been trying to sell it for a year but people have been very prejudiced against us and haven’t bought it. Father hasn’t been getting a paycheck so we are pretty poor right now. 

More family fun003
Mama’s baby bump!

April 25, 2007 Wednesday

Do you remember that I told you Dagrow got sold? Well, tonight Father got home for class and was reading a little bit, then his phone rang, he got up and went out for about 5 minutes then he came back and said: “Well, now that it is official I will tell my family, I’m not working for Dagrow anymore so things might be changing again. Uncle Lyle told Guy that I deserved not to have to deal with Dagrow anymore so now i am going to get another job and we may be in for a big change” I can’t believe it! I am sad and happy at the same time I’ll miss Dagrow but I’ll be happy to move! I love to move!

April 26, 2007 Thursday

Father got a call from Guy this morning at 5:30. He said that Roy and the other guys were having major problems about Father leaving Dagrow and the man that bought Dagrow is madder than hell at Guy for taking Father away. So Guy told Father that if there were more emotions and problems Father might not be able to leave! I am SO sick or Roy and his DUMB problems! 


Father got home and told us it was settled. He was going to work for Uncle Johnny and that we are moving to Las Vegas! He said it may take a little while to find a house but we will be moving within a month! I’m happy/excited/scared/nervous! 

April 27, 2007 Friday 

Mother went in for another non-stress test, she said the baby was fine and that the Dr set a date to have the C-section. I wish it was on the 17th because the new baby and William would be exactly one month apart. Oh well. May 16th is Mothers Sister Lerine’s Birthday (she died when I was a baby) None of Mothers family besides Ben are in the work. Anyway, her sister’s name is Grace Lerine and me and Mother really like the name Grace. I like the name Gracie better but i know Father won’t like it. 

My beautiful Mommy
My Beautiful Mommy at one of our many trips to Saint George for the baby doctor.

April 29, 2007 Sunday

We are going to a BBQ at Uncle Randalls house! We have been gone for 8 months and have been invited numerous times but Father said no every single time! Now he has finally agreed. Its probably because we are moving farther away. But it will be fun! 

April 30,2007 Monday

We had such a good time at Uncle Randalls house!! We had 3 baby boys and 3 baby girls. Thomas, Lyle, and Willie were the boys and the girls were Terralyn, Robin and Elisha. It was so enjoyable seeing everyone! Tillie made us all matching dresses, they are really cute . She made me get a picture. I looked like an idiot! I hate pictures of myself! 

This is one of the photos Tillie “made” me take.
Playing ball with Uncle Rich (My Dad’s youngest Brother)

Father and Uncle Randall

Father and Tommy

May 8. 2007

Mother has another appointment today, she is taking me, Isaac and David. She told me she is going to drop us off at the library. Her appointments usually take about 2 hours so I get to spend 2 hours at the library!! I am So excited! 


We were in the library for 2 hours like I said. I had a blast! Mother told us her blood pressure was really high and the Doctor wasn’t going to let her leave. But he said since it was her, and she has had high blood pressure for years and hasn’t had a stroke yet she could go. He told her if her blood pressure is high when she goes back he is doing a C-section that day! Her next appointment is May 7th I hope SO bad that her BP is down! 

May 6, 2007 Sunday 

Me and Miss talked until 12:30 last night, it was SO fun! Everyone went to bed at 9:30 and we just sat in the livingroom and talked. While we were talking Missy got a funny look on her face and she said “what the heck!” and looked down the front of her dress. I thought she had a bug down her or something but she said “I think my bra broke” then she pulled out a piece of her bra. Her bra broke right in half! I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. It was SO funny! I’ll remember it for a long time! P.S. You should have seen her face!! 😀 

More family fun002
Me and Missy
More family fun001
Me, age 15

May 9, 2007 Wednesday 

Today is Debbie’s Brithday. She is 20 years old. On May 14th she will have been gone for 2 years. Just thinking about it makes me sad. 


Yesterday we went to town again. I am personally getting tired of going but oh well. Mother is trying to get Medicaid by fibbing and saying that Me, her, David, Candice, Tommy, and Johnny are living with Ben because Mother and Father are having problems. Anyway, if we get it I might be able to go to the Eye Doctor. 

May 11, 2007 Friday

The parents went house-hunting today and guess what? Its Mother Jenny’s meal day! See, me and Missy do Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and 3 Sundays out of 4. Mother Jenny only does Tuesdays and Fridays and 1 Sunday out of 4. It seems EVERY time her meal rolls around she goes on an appointment or goes shopping or steals away with Father and me and Missy have to do her dinner! And she doesnt even trade! I am damn sick of it! She’s better do dinner tomorrow and like the the Mother she is instead of a 3 year old! or else…..! 

May 12, 2007 Saturday

Father took me, Missy and Sharon out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Mia’s. He said that we never get to do anything so he took us out! He is so thoughtful! It was really fun. I got the Chili Colorado Burrito it was super good. 


Everybody besides me went to Dagrow. Hopefully Mother Jenny does HER dinner!


Everybody got home at 6:20. Mother Jenny just got on the computer! She is SO lazy, and she is such a baby! She BUGS the TAR out of me! I wish she wold GROW UP! I wish she would assume her responsibility! She is the laziest person and the most irresponsible “Mother” (if that is what you’d call her. I’d call her a lazy 5 year old who got married and makes messes!) on earth!  


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