March 11, 2007

“March 11 2007, Sunday 

Today, Candice is 4. My little precious girl is four years old! We went to Wal-Mart last night and bought 3 little porcelain dolls for the girls. They were $12 each. Mother is making her a dress and she also bought her some socks, Missy is making her underwear and we got her a really soft teddy bear with a collar that says “I love you” Me and Sharon made a cardboard dollhouse and the girls have had a blast all day long! 

March 13, 2007 Tuesday

I have been reading the story of Willard Richards. I’ve read it once before about 6 months ago but I am glad I am reading it again. I have decided to name all my boys after the good Men in Joseph Smith’s and Brigham Young’s time. Here are my favorites: 

  1.  Heber Chase (Kimball)
  2. Brigham (Young)
  3. Joseph (Smith)
  4. Taylor (John Taylor)
  5. Hyrum (Smith) 
  6. Parley (P. Pratt)
  7. Lorin (C. Wooley) 
  8. Orrin Porter (Rockwell) 

And here are my favorite olden day girl names: 

  1. Vilate (Kimball)
  2. Jennetta (Richards)
  3. Eliza (R. Snow) 
  4. Sarah (Richards) 
  5. Mary (Fielding Smith) I don’t like the name Mary but I like Mary Fielding Smith so……. 
  6. Louisa (Smith-Young) 
  7. Emily (Young) 
  8. Lucy (Mack Smith) Joseph Smiths Mother

March 14, 2007 Wednesday 

Father just called with some really sad news: Uncle Donald Barlow and his wife Janet and 4 of their daughters were driving home from Las Vegas yesterday when a semi trailer suddenly unhitched and smashed into their car. Janet was killed immediately and the 5 others are seriously hurt! It’s terribly sad. Janet was mothers friend and uncle Donald is Aunt Aprils Uncle.  I know its WAY better where she is. I am not afraid to die, I know I will be in a nicer place. Its just HOW I die that scares me. I want my heart to just stop and I’ll go to my Heavenly Father.The worst way I think to die is to get murdered. But I will go however HF wants me to go.. I hope I can get married to a good man and have children and sister wives before I die. I might even die tomorrow. And if I do, no matter when or where I die, I want my family, when you read this to know that I really love you, even when I don’t act like it. I am sorry for all that I have done to offend you. I love you more than you will know. I will miss you, but know I am happy. I pray that before my time came I did what was right and that I can become a Heavenly Queen and Mother through all eternity! Your loving, Daughter, sister and friend. Jessica. 

March 19, 2007 Monday

Dear Friend Journal. 

I feel like mud. I am fat, weird and stupid. I know I am unlovable. So why do I feel bad when I know that Father and Mother love Missy more than me? I do feel bad. In fact, I hurt inside. Missy is pretty, she is funny, witty, good, kind. You might think I am stupid for saying all this stuff but I know one thing. I am not imagining this. When Father looks at Missy his eyes sparkle and he smiles, he is always laughing at her jokes and teasing her. When he looks at me he just glares at me, frowns and never laughs at my jokes or listens to me.. WHY! I know I am fat and grouchy. He just looks disgusted with me… Why do I have to be the black sheep of the family? I HATE me. Father tells me every time I do something wrong he will have to find a new home for me, when I told Mother thinking she would be upset, but no. She is just like them, she said my rebelliousness is ruining all the rest of the children and I was going to get out if I didn’t stop. I have been thinking, maybe I will just leave. Go live with Grandma Pam or Madie and rid the family of the horror that is me. I am good for nothing. I wish I could crawl into a hole and die. 

March 22, 2007 Thursday 

Dear Journal. I was SO wrong to say that Father doesn’t love me! It was SO wrong! I know that my Father loves me as much as any of his children. The reason why it seems like he loves Missy more is because Missy is more fun to be around She is happy. I am not. Who wants to be around a grouch? I am so sorry for carrying  on like that! And you know what? I love love love my dear Father! I could never ask for a better one. Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me with such a beloved Father! THANK YOU! I love you Father! 

March 28, 2007 Wednesday 

Tillie told me that Mother Jenny knows what she is having but she only wants her and Father to know what it is. Last night we were driving to Dagrow and I up and said “Father isn’t it amazing that Mother Jenny told us what she is having!” and Father said “Uh, yes. She just can’t keep a secret but if Mother Kate has a boy too the boys and girls will be about even” Haha I tricked him! We had no idea what she was having. hahaha its sooooo funny! Anyway, I know now what she is having! A BOY! 🙂 Due on April 17th 

April 6, 2007 Friday 

I have been neglecting you lately.. sorry! Sharon has been gone up to Margs house. Marg sent me a dress today! Its a light purple gingham, with a super high waist, Its so cute! But when I tried it on it didn’t fit my boobs. I am a 38DD. Anyway, Marg is such a sweet kind person! I love her SO much, thanks Marg! 


Uncle Lyle called Father 2 days ago and told him that his family has got to quit associating with Madie and that it was a part of her punishment to lose us. So we can’t call her or see her anymore.But we can write letters. To Madie: I LOVE YOU Sister! Do better so we can live with each other again! I love you…. 

April 11, 2007 Monday

Missy has been in town with Tillie’s guys since Monday. She gets to stay until Thursday! I miss her like crazy! Mostly at night. I have never slept alone in a room and its weird not having her here. 


Father just told us that Dagrow is SOLD! We haven’t been getting money. Father is going to find out if we are going or staying, he said that if we are going there is going to be a some BIG changes soon and to get ready… I know that changes are coming family changes (babies) and house changes (moving) another sign: when Johnny was 1 month old we moves to the Crick, when Candice was 2 weeks old we moved to Uncle Sams, so Mother has had a new baby everytime we move, and my last journal ended right when we moved. Now you are about to end, I only have 2 pages left! 

April 12, 2007 Thursday

Missy didn’t make it home today. I am hoping she will be home tomorrow. 4 whole days! Hurry home Missy!! 

April 13, 2007 Friday

Missy is home! I am SO glad to have her back! Father didn’t get any news yet. For some reason the new owner hasn’t signed the papers yet. I hope everything goes as planned! Mother went in for a non-stress test for the baby and She’s okay! (I hate calling the baby “it” so she it is) Mother Jenny might get started into labor on Monday. Pretty soon we will have a little Bro! I hope Father names him something exciting not like Thomas or John, more like Orrin Porter or Ethan, or Nathan or Brigham! 

April 15 2007, Sunday

Father and Mother Jenny are going to home-town to drop Mother Jenny off. Father is going to go back when she starts in Labor and he will help her have her baby. 


On Wednesday Missy tended Ben and Margs kids, it was a BIG secret where they were going but Missy asked Father and he said they were testifying against Becky Jeffs, the lady who is behind Uncle Warrens Arrest and everything. She use to be Marg’s best friend! Soon they are going to court to help our Dear Prophet! I pray he will get out soon!

April 16, 2007 Monday

10:16am Mother Jenny is in labor! 

April 17, 2007 4:30pm She had her baby! 7.10 Pounds1 SWEET 7 girls and 6 boys! 

April 19, 2007 Thursday

Father told us what our baby is going to be named! I’ll tell you: William Logan Rohbock cute huh! Well, these are my lasy lines so I’d better say goodbye (and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Best Friend Miranda!) Thanks for listening to me and saving my story for my children and grandchildren, I love all my family especially baby Willie. And baby Tommy and Baby Unknown ❤

This Journal was Written by Jessica Rohbock ages 14-15

Started on July 26, 2006

Ended on April 19, 2007 

This ended with the wonderful news of my new baby bro, Willie! I love my little baby!  ” 


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