December 22, 2006

“December 22, 2006 Friday 

Well, today is my last day of being 14, tomorrow, I’ll be 15. I have been waiting so long to be 15 that now that I am going to be, 16 sounds so much better. Mother was married when she was 15, maybe………:)

We are sewing Kacie 3 dresses for her Birthday, Madie and Parley are coming down to Dagrow on the 24th.

December 23, 2006 Saturday

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! Yay yay! I am weird huh. Oh well. Now I am going to go through the day and see what happens. I’ll write more later.


Well, today was just as boring as any other day. (perhaps MORE boring because I expected better) But it was a little different than other Saturdays. We did a work project, we haven’t had a work project for 2 months, then Father went to Vegas yesterday and bought $3,000 worth of pawn shop stuff and we have to sort it and clean it and get it ready to sell. 

Man, I AM fifteen! in July I can get my learners permit! ooo! I had a good day, I didn’t even talk to Father once, I wanted to go to wingers for dinner but Uncle Warren called for $1000 again so Father told us not to ask him for anything the rest of the month, so I didn’t I will just wait for January to go. I roller bladed and had a fun time doing it. I was going to make Hamburgers and cheesecake for dinner but we decided to wait until tomorrow because Madie and Parley are coming. I will write you my presents:

Heavenly Father: LIFE 

Madie: sewing machine

Tillie: Dress, trip to vegas, jelly roller pens, costco muffins, chocolates, flowers

Marg: Taste of Home Recipe book

Martha and Ruthie Fisher: 2 pillows and a blanket, picture of Uncle Warren

Sadie: Thumb drive with pictures and games on it

Sharon: A nightgown

I had a great day! (Except that I started my period and felt horrible all day)”

Work project was an activity the men of the church did on Saturdays, they would meet first thing in the morning and then be assigned projects such as fixing someones roof, building a fence for someone, working at a shop etc. Everyone had a trade and donated supplies and labor. The women would make food and refreshments for the men and they would put a full day of free labor in. I think its one of the few good things of the FLDS, it helped a lot of people. 

Around this time, Warren started asking all the Priesthood men to donate $1000 regularly. Probably to pay his lawyer fees. It then became a mandatory thing a few months later. And by 2011 you had to hand over your entire paycheck and then were given rations. 

“December 29, 2006 Friday

I borrowed 150 dollars from Aunt Sarah and I have been working to make cards so I can pay her back.I made 6 today. I love it when Mother Jenny is on meals, she is on meals on Tuesdays and Fridays and every 2 Sundays. Me and Missy do Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, our Sundays and Mothers Sundays, but when Mother Jenny is on meals I don’t have to worry about anything and I can make cards all day, it is SO nice! Today while making cards I listened to family training by Uncle Warren, he teaches you exactly how to be when marries, how to teach your children, how to act to your husband and sister wives etc. It is such great teaching! I love to listen to it. 

December 30, 2006 Saturday

I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamed that Madie and Parley got asked back into town and they got rebaptized and everything, then after they were here for about a year, I was asked to marry Parley, then suddenly I was  in a closet and and Mother and Madie were helping me get settled, and I said to Madie “What does Parley like to eat?” Madie was quiet for a second and then I said “Oh, yeah, i am not supposed to ask the sister wife, Uncle Warren said to ask the husband what and how he wants things” then all of the sudden Madie started crying and walked out. I kept on saying things to Madie like “you’re not supposed to have physical contact with your husband if you’re pregnant” and “Parley is supposed to love the Prophet and the Prophets will more than us and our children” and “Hey Madie, did you know that Uncle Roy said it takes a man and many women to make a man? So Parley wasn’t a man until I married him” and “Madie did you know that when a woman commits adultery she will be destroyed in the flesh and handed over to the buffetings of Satan?”  Every time I said something like that she would start crying and walk away, it went on like that me quoting Uncle Warren from family training, Madie crying and walking away all night until Mother woke me up. It was so strange!”

This was no doubt a result of the hours of brainwashing I had subjected myself to the day before while making cards. I have always had vivid and imaginative dreams, often correlating with something I had talked about, learned or wondered about the day before. 

“January 8, 2007 Monday 

Mother Jenny went to home-town with Morley! It is going to be Heaven, in the highest degree! Hopefully she will be gone for 2 weeks…. or a year! 🙂 

January 11, 2007 Wednesday

Mother Jenny is coming home today. It has been so nice! So peaceful, calm, heavenly and quiet! I will NEVER forget it! 

January 17, 2007 Wednesday

Well, Mother Jenny got home and it was absolute hell. I was so nice having her gone I can’t even explain. 

Tommy is not growing his hair very well, Marg said that they had cut all of Lyles hair off and it had grown back super fast, so we decided to buzz Tommy’s hair off. He looks so funny! I looked at him and decided he looks like a cancer patient. He is the most precious little thing I’ve ever seen! I love him to death! 

January 27, 2007 Saturday

We have been getting Little house on the prairie’s once a week from netflix, I really like them but I am not going to waste paper on a stupid thing like a movie.


Ben and Marg finally came down! I have been sick all day. We were gonna have pizza, I didn’t think I could eat it but I did! I had 2 slices and 2 cups of pepsi! It was yummy! It was fun to see Margs guys too. Lyle is SOO cute. To be frank, much cuter than Tommy. But looks don’t count, if they did I would never get married! *Drawing of a fat girl in a plig dress* 

February 1, 2007 Thursday

Tomorrow is Mother Jenny’s Birthday. She is turning 25. It is going to be a pain! Whenever its her Birthday or Anniversary she has huge problems because she thinks that Father doesn’t think she is important. She is the most retarded person I know. She acts like a whiny 2 year old! 

February 2, 2007 Friday

Father took Mother Jenny to Saint George, out to dinner, she is so idiotic that she thinks she can have whatever she wants and if she doesn’t we won’t hear the end of it for months! She has gone with Father (all by herself) to Vegas about 10 times since we moved here and every time they go, they buy dinner and go shopping, she went 3 times after her anniversary but she didn’t count any of then as her anniversary trip because Father didn’t up and say so. So she went on a special Vegas trip, they went to dinner went shopping and bought tons of frivolous things for her and her kids. Right when we are more broke then we have ever been. Father told the family to stop asking for things, we stopped. But Mother Jenny didn’t she asked for money for dinners and breakfasts, she bought ice cream, cereal, juice and candy. Things we don’t even need! I am so sick of her. 

February 9 2007, Friday

Tillie was supposed to come down yesterday, but things went wrong so she didn’t come, but she came today. Me and Missy spent the whole day scrubbing the house, every single room. Tillie came and it was still clean,she got here at 7:30. We had waffles at 10:00 (Mother Jenny was on breakfast, hence, the lateness) then we cleaned up and sat and talked, then we went to Dagrow, and goofed around, then Father said we could go to the Dairy Queen and get ice cream! Everyone was so grouchy and I was SO embarrassed, Tillie thought it was her fault. She left at 4:30 it was SO fun to see her! She is so special to me. I love her to death! 

February 11, 2007 Sunday

Jack called Mother today. Mother wanted to go to lunch with him for his Birthday which is tomorrow but Father said NO. So Mother called Madie, asked her to call Debbie and tell Jack to call her. She talked to him for about an hour, he told her what was going on in his life, he said his buddies had met a millionare who had taken over their lives and was paying for them to go to school, their food, clothes, and everything until they graduate highschool! He said he has a really sweet girlfriend named Erin, he said he was happy and doing really well. It was good to hear from him, I never realized how much I miss him… 

February 20, 2007 Tuesday

I have had a bad cold for 4 days now. I am sorry I haven’t written for so long, I don’t remember what has happened the last 9 days, but I know what is happening now, Mother and her children get to go up to Margs house for 4 days! 

February 21 2007 Wednesday 

We are going today and I decided to take you with me. I am not going to write everything just the details. 

February 23, 2007 Friday

I went to the Flower Depot today it was really fun! Me and Miss slept at Tillie’s house, we all slept in one big bed, it was hell for me but Missy and Tillie slept fine. On Thursday Sadie broke out with chicken pox. Father wasn’t going to let us go because Caleb had the chicken pox 3 weeks ago but since no one else broke out Father decided we could go, after 2 weeks of begging. He didn’t want the kids to get chicken pox…. uh oh. 

March 7, 2007 Wednesday

Isaac broke out with chicken pox today


Candice, David and Johnny broke out too. Father is going to be mad! Candice’s Birthday is on the 11th.. I hope she is better by then…

March 10, 2007 Saturday

Oh! I don’t ever remember the chicken pox being so bad! We have to rub the kids in 15 times a day and the have to have baths every hour or so. Candice looks horrible! She has a pock in her eye and all over her butt and front _ _ _ _ area too. Its so sad 😦 David has it worse than Candice does! The Parents went shopping and I have to stay and take care of the kids. 


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