September 13, 2006

“Well here I am, sitting in our new house, in my new room. We moved on September 4th. Uncle Randall, Aunt April and their girls were able to come and help. We worked from 9:00pm until 2:00am. We left a lot of things. Mother went down with the first load at 10pm. They took all the little children. Sharon, me, Missy, Isaac and Mother Jenny stayed to help finish it off. We worked so hard and I was very tired. Me, Tillie and Missy worked on Mothers room and Tillie kept saying how much she was going to miss me. I am just glad I didn’t have to leave without her knowing! We finally got done at 2:00 and everyone gathered outside. Thus came the goodbye’s. Tillie was saying goodbye to Missy and she said “I am going to cry!” Tillie came over and gave me a big long hug and told me she loved me. I told her I loved her too. I felt so sad. It felt like my heart was broken. I ached so bad inside I could hardly breathe. I love Tillie so much. I have taken her for granted, she has been the best friend I have ever had!                                           We made it to Mesquite around 4am (3am Nevada time) our house has a big garage and quite a pretty front yard. Actually, its the prettiest house I have ever lived in. I share my room with Missy, Sharon, and Candice. I have to sleep in a bunk bed, at first I was going to put the scrapping room in here, just store all the stuff in my closet shelf but Father has a HUGE closet so he said I could put it in there. So I decided to put my sewing table in my room for my writing area and my books. That is where I am writing this right now. The kitchen has tiny sinks and very little light but other than that its the nicest kitchen I have ever had! And it has a dishwasher! (heaven) The mothers share a bathroom, both of the bedrooms are the same size and they don’t have walk-in closets but they are a pretty good size. Fathers room is HUGE! We have been here for 9 days and I haven’t written you, I am so sorry but you know how it goes. It takes at least 9 days to get settled. What I am SO thankful for is that I didn’t have one of my horrible headaches. Father took Missy and Sharon back to town to get another load, all my stuff was left, and Father left my dresser and boxes with my clothes in the back of the trailer for 2 days. Before we left I used all mine and Missy’s credit at the Flower Depot to buy toys and games for all the children. The children have loved them! It’s so fun playing with them and the toys help keep them entertained cause we can’t go outside. Things have been so different. Me and Missy were on Dinner the 9th, 10th and 11th and we needed to go shopping for food, we called Father and told him we needed to go, when he got home he said that “just-jumping-into-the-car-and-go-to-the-store-with-the-whole-family days are over! Only one person needs to go and if the family would like to get out of the house, we have to go at 2:00am” I was looking forward to going. I went into my room and cried.” 

Our house was in a suburb, the houses were feet apart and there was a 10 foot piece of grass for the “back yard” it was a huge change for us. Our whole lives we were able to run free as we wanted and explore nature around us. It was really difficult to keep everyone happy. The house had 4 bedrooms. We had 10 children and 3 adults crammed into that space. The boys’ room was a little entry way parlor, it didn’t have a door, we had to put 2 bunk beds in there. 

“October 4, 2006 Wednesday

Dear Friend, I am so sorry for not writing! I’ve just neglected you! You would think I would have more time to write since I have nothing to do. I’ll try to fill you in. Around the 18th of September Father said that Tillie could come down and visit, her Father goes to Vegas on Fridays so he could just drop Tillie off. When Friday rolled around I waited and waited for Tillie but she never showed up so I called her and she said that Grandma Ethel got rushed to the hospital at 3 in the morning and she wouldnt be able to come down. They didn’t know what was going on with Grandma yet but she couldn’t breathe so they rushed her down. Tillie said she would come next Friday. So the next Friday came and it was a definite yes so I cleaned late into the night, I got up early and made my bed and combed my hair. When I came out of my room father had just gotten off the phone with Uncle Randall. He said that she wasnt coming down yet because she had to stay with Grandma Ethel. I had another crying session (why am I so emotional?) Uncle Randall invited us to a BBQ on Sunday, but then Father forgot and we didn’t go (DISAPPOINTMENT!) Then Tillie was going to come on Monday but didn’t. Well, miracle. She is here today! She brought down a bunch of School stuff. We don’t know when we will start school but I hope we do soon. I have written down a list of things we need for school and Mother says we might go to Vegas to go school shopping at a place called “learning is fun” It sounds so fun! Father told us the Mothers have to dress like gentiles when we go out so we went to Wal-Mart and bought Mother an outfit. I have been making cards like crazy! I have got 50 made that’s 100 dollars! Tillie brought the money down. Its the most cards I have ever made at one time and the most money I have ever owned!”  

Life was excruciatingly boring. As you can tell, all I wanted was some company. 

“October 6, 2006 Friday

Yesterday I had the worst headache I have ever had in my life. I woke up and I thought it was just a normal one but it hurt SO bad. It was non-stop pain. Closing my eyes didn’t help, sleeping didn’t help, if I tried to move I would barf, I couldn’t talk loud, I caught a cold on the 3rd and it was still there, if I coughed it felt like my head was being split with an ax. ANY kind of pressure hurt so bad I wanted to cry. I tried to stand up and I would almost pass out.

October 10, 2006 Tuesday

I am SO sick of not going anywhere!! I am about to scream!! I haven’t gone ANYWHERE for a month and I am about to die of boredom. 

October 17, 2006 Tuesday

Today is Margs birthday and the Parents have gone to St. George to meet Ben and Marg for dinner. I get to tend the children! YAY! That means I can put them to bed at 8:00pm. That’s what I love about tending the children. If I want to sing with them, they have to sing. If I want them to do their jobs, they have to do their jobs. If I want to put them to bed at 8, they have to go to bed at 8.  They don’t run to their mommies and their mommies tell them otherwise. I LOVE TENDING KIDS!!!! (kinda) 

October 18, 2006 Wednesday

Father just told me that me and Missy get to go visit up in the crick for 2 days! 

October 20, 2006 Friday

Well…. Hello my friend! here I am, back after being gone for two days. I had the most enjoyable time EVER! It was so fun. I wanted to stay. Uncle Randall came and picked us up, we left Mesquite at 7:07pm. He had Alma Steed with him (embarrassing) I was SO nervous on the way there. I was so embarrassed! We just sat in silence for a whole hour, I thought I was gonna die. But it was worth it, I was gonna see everybody! So I bided my time by thinking of everyone I was going to see, I was so excited! When we finally got to Uncle Randalls and got out of the vehicle, it was 34 degrees! it was SO cold, when we left Mesquite it was 80 degrees so it was a big difference. Tillie came squealing down the stairs and gave me a hug, I missed her so much! We played games and had a hot dog roast then went to Margs house and went to bed. I had to sleep on the couch so I didn’t sleep very well. In the morning I went in to see Karlee, I walked in and she said “There’s Dessica!”  I almost started crying, I miss her so much she is so sweet! That night we had another hot dog roast and sat around the fire making smores and telling stories. Today we had to get up at 4:30 and Rulon picked us up at 5:00 then we went over to Uncle Randalls for class and we left at 7:30. It was so much fun!”

I was so shy and awkward that I would freeze up if adults or strangers tried to talk to me. On that drive up I remember being so nervous that I wouldn’t even clear my throat, after holding it in for an hour I had a coughing fit because my throat had gotten so itchy. They had to stop and get me a drink so I ended up drawing much more attention. It makes me laugh. I am so glad I got over my shyness! 

I wont have any photos for the rest of 2006.

I would like to share some from my early childhood

Me, at the age of 3
My Sister Madie, Cousin Tillie holding my baby sister Sharon, and myself
Me and my sisters Madie and Debbie
Sisters, Missy and Madie and me
Practicing a choreographed dance with sisters and cousins. I am in the Teal

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