August 22, 2006

“August 22, 2006 Tuesday

Madie is down. She is going to Vegas to get married. Mother and Father are going with them and are staying for 2 days. I HATE it when Mother leaves for days!

August 24, 2006 Thursday

Mother is home! Madie is married. To Parley Knudson on August 23, 2006.”

August 23, 2006 was my sister Madie’s 16th birthday. Lyle Jeffs had dictated that she and Parley get married as soon as possible. They had already been living together for nearly 2 years. She was pregnant with their second child. The church leaders and my Dad had looked everywhere for somewhere to marry them sooner but since she was so young they had to wait, they married her on her 16th birthday. Parley was 23.  They tried until 2012 to repent and go back to the FLDS. Madie finally gave up and is going through a divorce right now at the age of 24. 

“August 27, 2006 Sunday

Madie barely left to go home. She was so sad… 😦

August 29, 2006 Tuesday

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT!! Uncle Warren got caught! He was in Vegas and got pulled over because he didn’t have a license plate on his car, then they (the cops) saw who it was and arrested him. I can’t believe it, its so unreal! Why would Heavenly Father do that?? Is it a test for Uncle Warren or is it a test for his people? I don’t know! I feel so sad..


We found a picture of Uncle Warren on the internet that they took after his arrest. His eyes are so sad and tired. He looks 10 years older than when we saw him last


We read on the internet that they might set a bail for Uncle Warren! Oh I hope they do!


We were eating dinner when Mother Jenny told us she is expecting. She is due on April 25, 2007.


Father got home at 10:30 then he took the Mothers away to talk. When they got back Mother was crying… I wonder what they talked about?”

It was beyond shocking when Warren got caught. We believed he was untouchable and that God would protect him, The leaders immediately started preaching that we were on our last days and that God was going to destroy the world for persecuting his Prophet. They likened it to the LDS founder Joseph Smiths persecution and eventual martyrdom. They would say over and over that Warren had to suffer in jail for our sins, that it was our fault that he was there. I would feel pangs of guilt every time this was mentioned. I wasn’t trying very hard to become like God. I liked my books too much. I just left his rescue up to everyone else. The good news for us young ladies was that the FLDS believe that only the prophet can perform marriages. This means no one will be married until he gets out or dies 🙂 

“August 30, 2006 Wednesday

Father woke us up early and told us he needed to tell us something. We came into the kitchen and had to wait for Sharon. I was so nervous, Sharon finally came and Father started talking. He said: “What I am going to tell you is secret and very important. The new position I have at work has made it so I am wanted, they will try to get me, We have been told to move. Its not in this town, our living quarters are smaller than here and we will not be able to take all we have, we will have to leave most of it behind, Uncle Randall will let us leave some stuff in the shed behind his house.” Well. So we are moving out of this town. Probably to Mesquite. I don’t know whether to be sad or excited, maybe I will be a little bit of both.


After Father left Mother told us more about the situation: The house has 4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms and no yard, and even if it did have a yard the children wouldn’t be able to go outside because Uncle Lyle doesn’t want anyone to see us. We will get to see Roy and Ruth and go to DAGROW on Saturdays. We won’t have food stamps, or medicade and no car. Sounds like quite the change. But I know we will manage. Father said this is getting us one step closer to Zion, we will be so cramped we will have to learn to love one another… or fail. I am so thankful to be getting out of Uncle Sams home!”

I am still not sure why they thought my Dad would get in trouble with the law. I am thinking maybe they ran the business illegally and since Warren was caught they would be coming after his assets. 


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