June 7, 2006

“June 7, 2006 Wednesday

Mother woke up this morning and her bursitis arm was hurting really bad, she called hildale and made an appointment for 10am, she got back at 12pm and her arm was hurting her worse than it was before she can’t even move it! Now I have 2 invalid arms. Mother or Missy can’t hold Tommy or do the dishes.. I am in for a fun couple of weeks!

June 9, 2006 Friday

Mother called Dr. Lehi today and got to go back to the Doctors, her arm hurt her so bad yesterday that she couldn’t even get off the couch all day! She came back and she was crying. Dr. Lehi gave her a cortisone shot and he said that it can sometimes cause even worse pain for some people. Me and Sharon are taking turns sleeping on her bed and taking care of Tommy.

june 2006 misc. family pictures 015
Baby Tommy, June 2006

June 11, 2006 Sunday

Father took us for a trip down to hurricane park. Father let me drive him to Marg’s to get their van! It was scary and fun at the same time! But he said I did good. Now I am sure he is going to let me drive more often!”

My Mom always objected to us driving before we had our licence but every one of his Teenage kids convinced him to let us drive before. 

“June 12, 2006 Monday

Mother can actually hold Tommy!

Mommy and her baby

June 14, 2006 Wednesday

We went to dinner over to Uncle Randall’s house. While we were there I found out that Gail, Rulon’s wife has left the work! She left behind all of her children! Belle 6, Cole 4, and Patricia, 1. I can’t believe it! She is so horrid!!”

It was very rare for a married woman to leave the FLDS. When Gail left it was a shame on her family and ours. She had always had a wild streak and was disapproved of by the more matronly women in our family.  Gail eventually came back and got her kids, her husband and my Fathers brother, Rulon was told not to fight so he had to let them go. He has been alone ever since. 

“June 15, 2006 Thursday

We got our food card renewed today so the Mothers went to town to do our monthly shopping. I stayed to tend. While they were gone all our children and the neighbor children got into a HUGE fight, they were throwing nuts, sand, rollerblades, and toys at each other. Missy and Sharon were fighting with Launa and Rosie. It was HORRIBLE!

June 17, 2006 Sunday

Last night Isaac slept out, well this morning when we went in for in for class Isaac was in the house and he slept through class. When he woke up he told Mother that Uncle Sam had beat him last night for no reason! He showed Mother his leg and there were big huge bruises and welts and a cut! Mother asked him why he beat him and Isaac said “I don’t know! Me and Dan were telling ghost stories and Uncle Sam came out and started beating me with a rake handle until it broke!” Mother was so upset she started crying and called Father came home and went and told Uncle Sam to never touch his children again. Isaac is so sore! Uncle Sam is dumb, mean and stupid!”

Sam Fisher was known for his bad temper. That night he beat his son Dan as well. Who knows what set him off. He hated having us there, he felt like we disrupted his discipline and distracted his children.  From what I experienced in the FLDS it should have been frowned upon, he should have been removed from his family as he was violent to all of them, but the FLDS leaders did nothing about it. Maybe he gave them enough money to make them look the other way? 

“July 3, 2006 Monday

Today is Mothers Birthday, she is 36 years old. I haven’t told you but I got her, Marg helped me make her a dress, its really cute. Missy got her cast off so we can go swimming at Gawynns! So fun!”

There were 2 swimming pools in the whole of Short Creek. Gawynn Dutson had one and the other belonged to a long-time apostate. My 2nd Mom was distantly related to Gawynn so we got to go swimming there that Summer. 

“July 5, 2006 Wednesday

Today is Sharon’s Birthday. She is 11! We got to go swim at Gawynns it was so dang fun! Then we went and had a pizza party at Marg’s house. It was fun!

July 6, 2006 Thursday

Guess what? Aunt Margaret invited me, Missy and Sharon to go swimming with them and Father said yes!


We went swimming and Margie taught me how to swim! ME! It was the funnest time I have ever had! Thank you Margie! P.S. I still don’t dare jump off the diving board.”

Margie is Sam Fishers daughter, as I mentioned in another post her Mom, Margaret was sent away from her family. As the Summer went on she slowly started spending time with her children. I was very happy for Margie because she missed her Mother terribly. 

This Summer was when my love for swimming was born. I had never really been around water much and I found I absolutely loved it. In 2010 Lyle Jeffs banned swimming. Gawynn was forced to empty his pool. 

“July 7, 2006 Friday

I have been so excited about Birthdays and swimming I forgot to tell you about our song, Britty wrote a really pretty song for Grandma on her Birthday. It’s to the music “Irish love song” by Phil Coulter. Me, Missy, Tillie, Britty and Manda are singing it to her on Sunday the 9th. We have been practicing every night since last Saturday and it has been so enjoyable. I SO enjoy singing!”

My love for singing came from both sides. My Dad’s family has the talent and my Mom’s family has to deep love for music. Put it together and there was no escaping it. I love singing. 

Some silly selfies with my Glasses in June, 2006 

june 2006 funny faces (glasses) 002
june 2006 funny faces (glasses) 003
june 2006 funny faces (glasses) 004
Jenny’s oldest daughter, Merilyn
june 2006 funny faces (glasses) 005
june 2006 funny faces (glasses) 006
june 2006 funny faces (glasses) 007
june 2006 misc. family pictures 006
My Beautiful Mommy

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