April 20, 2006

April 20, 2006 Thursday

I heard that Father found Debbie a house to stay at in Mesquite, NV. She says she wants to stay down there until she repents and can come home. She said the house was really dirty  and there is no furniture. There was a fridge a stove and a microwave. Me and Missy didn’t go to sewing class today because things were so stressful, Marg was here trying to help Mother think up some dresses for Debbie, Uncle Randalls girls have a couple days off and wanted to sew for Debbie. I had to make lunch for 11 little children and Margs kids didn’t even like the food so we had to get more out. The house was the dirtiest house on the universe! 

April 21, 2006 Friday

Father read the papers  that the UEP owners put on our door, some were from Jethro saying all the things he had done to improve this house and that he wanted it back. Then it said to report back in 5 days with an answer or else they would be forced to make the decision themselves. 

April 22, 2006 Saturday

I got to go to Mesquite today. Me, Mother Jenny, and Isaac and David. We helped Debbie buy some groceries. Her house is SO pretty! It has 3 bedrooms, a big entry way, a garage, and a nice big kitchen/living room area. The ceilings are really tall and all the rooms have huge windows. Her cabinets are so nice. Her kitchen has a black sink, stove, microwave, fridge and even a black tap! Her counter tops are black and looks like rocks, its SO pretty. We went to Wal-Mart and spent $150 on food then we went home and put it away and then we went to Smiths and spent $180! It was so fun to stock her cupboards! She was really sad when we left. She started crying and went into her room. I feel so bad for her. She doesn’t have a phone or anybody to talk to! She is so sad! I hope she does better and stays strong!”

I don’t have a clue what Debbie did down there in Mesquite all that time. She had no electronics, cellphone, or a way to get around. She basically sat in a big empty house by herself all day. Sometimes for a week at a time before she had someone come visit her. Phew. That must have been so rough! Especially since she had already tasted the real world, trying to come back to that must have been torture. 

“April 23, 2006 Sunday

Father took the whole family to Mesquite except for me, Isaac and David cuz we went yesterday. We went over to Margs and had lasagna for dinner. The School kids are getting out on the 28th. I am not really looking forward to it 😦 But we are doing a school outing in a little while and they’re doing a program next Sunday

April 24, 2006 Monday

Mother Jenny was gone all day today, It was SO DANG nice. I Loved it. I got up at 5:00am this morning I was kinda tired but it felt so nice! 

April 25, 2006 Tuesday

Mother went to Mesquite today. All I can say is that it was a HORRIBLE, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible day and that Mother Jenny is a Bitty! “

“Dang” and “Bitty” are FLDS/Mormon curse words (damn and bitch) haha. 

“April 26, 2006 Wednesday

I was talking on the phone to Madie when Father called and told me to get all the children into the house and lock all the doors and put the curtains down, I said “okay” and he hung up. A little while later a cop and another car showed up, they came up and rang the doorbell about 5 times then they went around again and taped papers to the door and left. We went outside and it was just a little notice that told us that we must “vacate these premises within 5 days” or we would be some illegal something. When we were reading this another car pulled up and we ran into the house and looked out the windows and it was Lindsey Barlow (the moving guy) he took the paper and left so, we don’t know what will happen but I guess we will find out pretty soon!”

April 27, 2006 Thursday

I went to town with Mother this morning. We took Candice and Tommy. Before we left we went over to Uncle Randalls to drop off the boys and Aunt Heidi was there. She told us that her principle said in morning class that “the people are going to live in conditions they never thought they could live in” that sent a little chill down my spine, it sounds so weird. Mothers Phone is dead, its such a pain! Marg went to Hildale and got a pill to start her in labor, what a good time to have a baby! We’re getting evicted and her Father is getting evicted!

April 28, 2006 Friday

Well, today is the last day of school. I am totally NOT looking forward to it! Its going to be hard getting used to being around all the kids again. (Keep Sweet!) Father said that Debbie is doing really good. Its her Birthday on May 9th and we are asking Britty to write a song for her. Britty is SO inspired! (I will tell you when we move)

April 29, 2006 Saturday

We have been packing things all day, its been tiring but fun! I packed our room not the whole thing but the closet and the top of our dresser then I did the hall closet (that was sick!) then I packed Mothers fabric, Tillie came over and wanted me to make a poster for Grandma, I did, and it turned out sooo cute!  


I have a feeling we are moving tonight! So I put my pajamas on over my bra and pants and set my dress out, it is getting exciting! they have to move us in the dark because they don’t want anyone to see us move.

April 30, 2006 Sunday

Today is the last day of our eviction notice and we didn’t move last night he he! But I have a feeling we will tonight because Father emptied the Mothers water beds. We are going to the school program in a little while. 


We went to the program it was really nice I got tons of pictures. We had rootbeer floats for refreshments and Uncle Randalls guys are coming over to help us pack. I just know we will move tonight, I wonder where? Good thoughts..?

“Program” was a series of religious songs sang by the school kids here are some photos from that night: 

april 30 2006 program 007

april 30 2006 program 018

april 30 2006 program 005

May 2, 2006 Tuesday

I have SO much to tell! First of all, we moved! And you want to guess where? Its a house I have always wanted to live in.. not going to guess? Sam Fishers huge brick house with a gorgeous yard. I cant believe it! We only got the basement I’ll tell you about it when I have more time

May 17, 2006 Wednesday

Its been so long since I have written, we have been so busy! I’ll tell you what has happened. As much as I can anyway! Well, on Sunday night after Uncle Randalls guys left we were still busy packing when a couple of dudes pulled up, they came in and started putting bags on the windows so that no one could see in. Then more and more people came it was like 9:00. I didn’t know what to do so I just followed Mother around. We went into her room and started doing her bathroom. We didn’t know what to do, it was so embarrassing! There were tons of girls there who knew just what to do. The guys started hauling all the big things out and the girls just stood and watched. We did everything in the dark, the whole time I was just wondering where we were moving too. At 3am we left the house to the new one. We walked and came in a gate  and Father opened the door and we walked into this HUGE room, it was light aqua green, really big! with a huge fire place. I really mean it, Its HUGE! All of the children were asleep on the floor. The moving crew showed up and lined up against the wall because we had to wait for the trailers to get there. The Mothers were sitting on the hearth so I went and sat with them. I said “Mother is my room horrid?” She looked at me with a weird look on her face and then said “there is a good thing and there’s a bad thing” I was really anxious, she said “its a really cute room but…. its the only way to get to the kitchen…” I couldn’t believe it! THE ONLY WAY TO GET TO THE KITCHEN!?! What a PAIN! Mother showed me around. My room is right off the living room, it has big double glass doors, it has a big fire place that is made out of really cute rock work with 3 rock shelves, there are 2 really big cupboards on both sides, then you go on down the hall then there’s Mothers room, its TINY. Down the hall is the boys room, Candices room and a bathroom, on the other side of the hall is the kitchen. On the other side of the living room is a door that leads to an apartment thing, Mother Jenny and Merilyn and Brandy share it. The moving crew set up all our beds with sheets and blankets we were in bed by 5am, just as our heads hit the pillow Uncle Sam paged over the intercom ” Wake up my dear family!” we slept until 8am. When I woke up there was a bunch of neighbor girls staring at me and Missy in our beds! We got it all set up thanks to Uncle Randalls guys helping us out. Our room is SO annoying! Early in the morning the kids come running through it leaving the doors open and lights on. Some of them take advantage of it. Its SO stupid! When I found out we were moving I never would have thought mine and Missys room would be a hall!

I forgot to tell you, The day we moved Debbie left again. 😦 Mother paged her and she didn’t answer so Father called Roy and asked him to go check on her, when he got there he found out she was gone. No note, no nothin. The shock has already worn off. I am so sad and MAD at the same time! Marg had a baby boy on April 29, they named him Lyle Beagley Thomas, not the cutest name, but the cutest babe!  

 When I went back to Colorado City a few months ago I got a picture of the house we moved into. They have since put a huge fence around it, I am pretty sure Sam Fishers guys don’t even live there anymore but here is the Photo: 


It appears we stopped taking pictures for a few months. The next photos I have are from June 2006 and some from a Birthday in August and that’s it for 2006. I am not sure what happened. I know living at Sams house was very hectic, it was probably some of the most crazy days of my young life. In the coming posts you will watch that story unfold. 

Thanks again for reading my blog guys! 

See you soon!



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  1. Sam Fisher got his home back. Uncle Ron and I are trying to sell our home. We placed a headstone on his mothers grave. Trying to make the wrongs that were done right.

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