April 10, 2006 Monday

April 10, 2006 Monday

Father got home and he called us to class, he told us that our neighbor Micah and Uncle Jim Allred got put into jail for a year! I don’t really understand why, but it has to do with Uncle Warren. Angie is going to have a baby this Summer! Its so sad!”

To this day I don’t know what they were arrested for. The FLDS leaders did a very good job at concealing the real goings-on and disguising them as religious persecution. I know it definitely affected my family.  I was afraid our next test would be my Dad going to Jail. 

Angie is Micahs wife. 

“April 11, 2006 Tuesday 

We’re having missionaries tomorrow! We havent had them since my Birthday! It will be so fun. We didn’t do anything overly exciting today. 

April 12, 2006 Wednesday 

Its 10:14am and I am not dressed, and Madie is being so grouchy I don’t understand why….. but she won’t let anyone hold Kacie and she keeps yelling at Candice and Brandy and she won’t hardly talk to anyone! I don’t know what her problem is. Maybe she is Parleysick or ussick, I dunno but I hope she gets over it. 


We cleaned all day and in the afternoon Tillie came over and helped us til 4:00. Madie left at 2:30. We had Pizza for dinner. When Mother Jenny got home she went down to bed then came up and had dinner then went back down to bed (she wasn’t sick or anything) Then she came up and sat on the couch with a huge frown on her face then she combed her childrens hair, then sat on the couch until the Missionaries came. There were only 2 of them, It was a really nice missionary experience.”

I did not love the missionaries as much as I said I did. In fact, I was terrified they would call on me to bear my testimony and I wouldn’t know what to say. I don’t know why I was the way I was but I never had a great testimony of the FLDS and I was afraid I would stumble and show the world how evil I really was. 

Mother Jenny’s Famous Frown Face: sundaynightgames2006_0402(006)

“April 14, 2006 Friday

We were cleaning the kitchen when Debbie called, Madie answered and then gave it to Mother and said “she’s cryin” Mother took it and walked down the hall and talked to her. When she got done I asked her what she said, Mother told me that Debbie said she wanted to come home! And Jeremy told her he was going to kill himself if she left. She said that she was worried we wouldn’t be able to get ahold of somebody (Uncle Lyle) or maybe she wouldn’t get to come back. Well, Mother called Father, father called Debbie and told her he would talk to someone and if she was serious then he would go get her! 


We went to dinner at Uncle Randalls and at 6:00 Father called and said he was going to get Debbie! I’m not really excited because she has done this 2 times already, she got home, stayed for a week then left again. But I am daring to hope that she will stay. Please, Please! 


April 15, 2006 Saturday 

Father just got home with Debbie! She looks horrid! Her hair is bleached blonde and she has earrings on. But it is SO good to see her! I love her SO much! I hope she will be able to stay, WANT to stay. I’m so excited! 

18 year old Debbie on her visit back. April 2006DSCF2015


Her “horrid bleached blonde hair” lol DSCF2008

You can see her bangs are cut here, something the FLDS doesn’t allow





“Happy to have the girls back”  DSCF2051


April 16, 2006 Sunday

Its so good to have Debbie back! She is SO funny and she loves the babies! Mother Jenny got Merilyns old room fixed up for Debbie, she cleaned it out and made curtains and Father fixed the lights and put a bed in there. It looks really nice. Me and Miss made dinner today and we had ro drive to Hurricane to get some stuff. Debbie was being so grouchy and Madie preached at her on the way down and Debbie yelled at her and called her an Idiot, then we didn’t say anything the rest of the way down. When we got there Debbie stayed in the car. When we got home Debbie went for a nap, and Margs and Uncle Randalls guys came over, they didn’t know Debbie was there, we didn’t want anyone to know. When she came out she was still grouchy but after awhile Father came down and talked to her and the Family. We talked about her when she was little and told stories and she got really happy, and by the time it was dinner, Madie was the grouchy one! :[ ” 

I can imagine now, what my sisters were feeling at this time, they were torn between worlds, they knew that their time had to be cut short with the family and yet, they both kind of wanted to go back to the lives they had. When I left I felt the same. I just wanted to go home but I never did. By the time I left people who left were not allowed to step foot back into an FLDS house, let alone live there. 

“April 18, 2006 Tuesday

last night (I forgot to tell you) Uncle Randall came over and told us there were people handing out papers around town and to get our children in and lock the doors. About 10 minutes after he left this blue truck shows up then and in-town cop car, then 2 men got out of the blue truck and the cop got out of his. (we had all the children in Mothers bathroom with the lights turned off) one of the men had papers and the other man had a camera. They came and rang the doorbell once, twice and a third time, then they knocked and knocked on the door. They went around the whole house knocking on all the doors and windows within reach then they taped papers on the door and took pictures of them and left, a little while later another truck pulled up and stops, a window rolls down and they look at the house then leave. I went out and looked at the papers, they were Eviction notices! Jethro was having problems about us living here and now that Uncle Warren doesn’t own the UEP Property anymore, he has the power to boot us out of our house. But that depends on the will of Heavenly Father” 

I don’t know what we thought the scary men with papers would do to us and why we should hide in a bathroom with the lights off, but it goes to show you how sheltered we all were from the outside world. We felt like everyone was out to get us and cause us harm. 

Jethro was the man who lived in our house before us, he was kicked out by Warren Jeffs and had to leave his house and half of his children behind. He had designed and built the house. 

“April 18, 2006 Tuesday

About 30 minutes ago I was driving home with Marg, I didn’t have a clue what was going on at home. I was laughing and talking with Marg and she dropped me off, I walked into the house laughing and I saw that Mother was crying, I knew immediately that it was about Debbie, I thought that Debbie was leaving again. I looked at Mother and asked her where Debbie was and Mother said “both of the girls are leaving, you had better go say goodbye” I said “Debbie AND Madie!?” Mother said “yes” before I could reply Debbie came walking in, Father told her to say goodbye to me, she lurched over and gave me a big, hard hug. She squeezed me so hard. Then said “bye..” I couldn’t believe it! I was thinking this whole time that Debbie was just going back home with Madie so I wasn’t crying. Debs went back out to the car. Father turned to me and said “we got ahold of Uncle Lyle this evening and he said that the girls couldn’t stay here” I looked at Mother and asked her if it meant they could never come back and Father said “it means they have to go and repent. There is a punishment for your wrongs, you can’t just come home.” Well, I felt the tears coming and Father told me to go out to the car and say goodbye to Madie. As I was walking out there I was thinking how bad I was going to miss Kacie love and Madie and Debbie! I opened the car door and Madie was sitting there staring off, I lifted the blanket and looked at Kacie then said goodbye to Madie. Debbie hopped out of the car and came over she said “did Father tell you? Madie has to leave Parley! Uncle Lyle said she must either leave Parley and repent or stay with Parley and never come back” I couldn’t believe it! Then she told me she had until morning to decide. I felt so sad for her. I don’t know what she is going to do, I hope and pray with all my heart that she will make the right choice! I went in the house and said a loud and earnest prayer for Debbie and Madie, I hope and pray and HOPE and PRAY that Madie will make the right decision and that Debbie will repent and they both can come back!”

Of all the things the FLDS believes, this bugs me the most. Forcing parents to kick their children out, to turn their back on their family. Its horrible. And we just accepted it. Thinking otherwise would result in being just like my sisters and I wouldn’t want that! 

The day before they had to leave: 

Madie and Kacie 







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  1. Hi Jessica! Great blog! Mica Barlow and James Allred were in prison for three weeks (!! I love how the FLDS made that “a year”… trololol) for contempt-of-court since they ignored a subpoena and refused to testify in front of a federal grand jury which was investigating Warren Jeffs’ role in the Elissa Wall case along with some other rape charges.

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