December 31, 2005

December 31, 2005 Saturday

Well, today is the last day of 2005, we were partying, we made cheese balls, rum balls, egg nog, crackers, ice cream, sprite, beef stick, doughnuts, anyway. We were getting ready to party and the power turned off! so we partied in candle light. It was blowing and raining so hard, it was a great storm!”

-“Party” meant playing board games and staying up late. I loved loved loved those nights! So much fun and laughter and good food. 

“January 3, 2006 Wednesday

Mother Jenny FINALLY went back to work! She has been off from 22nd to the 3rd. Its been nice except that her children are brats when she is home. Uncle Warren sent a message that all the priesthood People are supposed to quit their jobs at the School. So Mother Jenny is getting a job at Craigos.”

-The School I am talking about is called El Capitan, it was the only public school in a 30 mile radius. It was only for the Centennialites, another Polygamy group that lived 3 miles over the hill from Colorado City and Hildale in Centennial Park, AZ. They are a group that is much more like the mainstream LDS but they also believe in Polygamy. They can cut their hair and date and go to school, have friends of the opposite sex, listen to music and watch movies etc. They are still reserved in the eyes of the public, with the girls wearing skirts and high neck shirts and braiding their hair. They also get married very young to a man of their choice (from what I know) Unlike the FLDS they are courted by a man wishing to marry them. Their town is very small, made up of huge houses a lot like the FLDS but they are much more sophisticated and often mulit-million dollar homes. Their leaders broke off from the FLDS from back in the 70’s. 

-A lot of the FLDS worked at El Capitan as teachers, janitors, and kitchen staff. At this time he made everyone quit so as the stop associating with “evil” people. My second Mom worked there in the kitchen as a Chef.  Criagos is the local Pizza place, FLDS owned and ran. 

Photo of me taken January 1, 2006
Photo of me taken January 1, 2006

“January 4, 2006 Wednesday

Mother is going to town for a Dr. Appointment. She is picking up the pictures we did at Sears I cant wait to see them!

Later (3:07pm)

Mother Jenny barely got home. She said that Mother is going in for a an emergency C-Section! The baby is in distress. ohhh I am so scared! I hope everything goes well!!

Later (4:27pm)

SHE HAD A BOY! He is only 4lbs!”

“January 5, 2006 Thursday

Well, now that the excitement is over I can tell you the details: Mother left at 8am to go to her regular Dr appointment. She said she would be back around 1pm. Anyway, it was 3pm and she wasn’t home so we were sitting there wondering where she was and Mother Jenny got home and told us she was going into an emergency C-section. We got real nervous. Right after MJ told us me and Missy went through Mothers baby clothes, threw away the ugly and old and separated the boys from the girls. I was going to do the girl batch first, I started the water and went back into Mothers room to get the clothes and MJ paged at 4:27 that we had a baby brother. Me and Missy were so excited we hugged each other and started bawling. I let go of Missy and said, “I guess I’ll wash the boys’ clothes first” We moved Candice out of Mothers Room and set up a bunk bed in Sharon s room,  then moved the baby cradle and set up the Baby Drawers, folded up all the newborn sizes and put them into the drawers, it was so fun! I cant wait to see Mother!!” 

-My Mom suffers from severe hypertension which caused a lot of complications in her last 3 pregnancies which were all delivered C-section. With every baby she had it got worse and her Doctors were very concerned for her.

-I mention that MJ (Mother Jenny) paged us to announce the birth, a lot of the big FLDS homes are designed with a paging and speaker system throughout the house because there are so many people and so much space that to let everyone know it was a meal time, class time, or you were wanted by your parents you simply page and every room in the house gets the message. My Parents would often read sermons over it or play FLDS music so everyone could stay in the good spirit. 

“January 6, 2006 Friday

I went to see Mother with Ben and Marg! It was so nice I got to see the baby, he is SO tiny, he weighs 4.8 pounds! I didn’t get to hold him cuz he was hooked up to an IV. But he was SO cute! He looks like a Thomas he has strawberry blonde hair lots of it, and a huge mouth like Johnny I didn’t see his eyes but I am sure they are brown. He has a pointy nose like Missy. It was really nice to see Mother. She said that she would be coming home tomorrow but the baby will have to stay for at least 3 weeks. “

-Thomas is my Moms Maiden name. Dad ended up naming the baby Thomas John Rohbock. I remember all the girls and Mom being disappointed because we wanted to name him Chase after Heber C. Kimball. It suits him now, of course. He is still a little red head with freckles and he is such a sweet little man. 

“January 9, 2006 Monday

I went to the hospital on Saturday and stayed there til Sunday night. I had a really nice time. I got to see the baby every 3 hours because Mother had to feed him, but he got too tired so we started going down every 6 hours. He had a feeding tube down his nose so when he didn’t nurse Mother pumped and they fed him through the tube. All I did was watch TV while Mother slept, she was awake sometimes. I got to run the milk down to the NICU every 3 hours. The nurses came in about every 2 hours They had problems with Mothers Blood Pressure, so they made her stay at the hospital which is good because she needs to nurse the baby. They have a room that free in the hospital so she can stay and take care of the baby but she has to take care of  her food, pads, pills, etc. It was good to see the baby, they finally took his IV out and he is done with the lights so he is doing really good, I hope he can come home soon! “

” January 11 2006 Wednesday

The baby is 1 week old today. We have lived a WHOLE week without Mother! Well, its not actually living, we are having the biggest problems with Mother Jenny (Mother Jenny is having problems with us) I don’t need to explain. we’re just having problems like she has her sisters come over to tend HER children cuz she thinks I don’t take care of them. You get the point.”

-While writing this journal I was obsessed with writing a good and clean story of my life. I had imagined my great great great Grandchildren reading it and I wanted to set a good example and not say too many nasty things. That’s why you’ll see me refrain from saying a lot of things. In my later journals they become more of an outlet for me and I don’t care what I say in them. The weeks while my Mom was down at the hospital in St. George was a horrible time because of Jenny. She was so horrible and unfair to my siblings and I. She acted like one of those teenage bullies you see in the High School movies (or maybe in real life, I wouldn’t know) She was mind-blowingly childish. Her contempt and the things she would say and do to us made her seem so immature and hateful. It was during those weeks that my dislike for her blossomed into a full grown hatred. I also came to the realization of what my Mom had to go through on a daily basis to keep the peace and protect her children. She had to plan a time to go to the restroom or she would make her kids wait for her in her room while she used the restroom, because when she left the room Jenny would attack us kids and Mom would always come back to her screaming at us or us running like hell in the opposite direction. No wonder she had high blood pressure. 


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