December 1, 2005

December 1, 2005 Thursday

Well, today is the last month of 2005, the first day of my Birthday month, Fathers and and Mother Jenny’s Anniversary, Mother Stephs Birthday, and the winter month! What a big day! I can’t believe I am going to be 14 in 3 weeks and 1 day! That’s pretty old. I am getting everyone in my family a present for my Birthday, Its going to be SO fun! 

 Mother Jenny, whew… I could write a book on her.

I was 9 and she was 17 when she “married” my Dad. My Mom and Dad had been married for 13.5 years before she came along. I had actually met her the summer before she came to visit with my Moms youngest Aunt who is the same age as Jenny, they lived in the Crick and were best friends. I remember thinking she was very nice and energetic and fun to have around. When I found out it was her that was marrying my Dad I was so so excited. My Uncle Randall had already gotten a 2nd wife and I felt left out and a little afraid that we weren’t good enough to get another Mom. The first few months weren’t bad until she got Pregnant with her first kid, Merilynn. Then she went straight psycho. I have never known a more Jealous, conniving, selfish or deluded person in my entire life. I can safely say that she was the one bad thing in my Childhood. She changed everything about our happy family. My own Parents could’t show affection to each other anymore, it was like they were divorced. Jenny was so mean to me and my siblings. I remember crying to myself a few months after her joining our family because she had cornered me in the hallway and called me a damn little bastard. I had never been exposed to language or actions like that before. My brave brave Mom became a shell of herself, forcing herself to Keep Sweet and let things go. As Jenny’s kids got older our house became a battlefield. My Mom had taught us to be strong and honest kids but we were still kids. Jenny’s kids would scream and cry and run to there mother if anything went wrong in a game we were playing most of it was accidental, bumping into each other or hitting them with something accidentally. They would run to their Mom and she would blow up at us. My Mom had to be ever Present to protect us from Jenny. Every night when Father got home Jenny’s face would suddenly shrink into a deep frown and she would retreat into her bedroom and the first thing Father would do was to go to her and she would cry hysterically and scream about how horrible Kates children were and how we all needed beat. It would last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day. Our whole lives revolved around her mood. We would all be crammed into the car ready to go on a Family drive and Father would say “where’s Mother Jenny?” she would be sulking in her room about something stupid like Mother and her girls made all the food or nobody helped her enough. The whole family would have to sit there for 30 minutes waiting for Father to convince her to join us, she would sit there in complete silence with a nasty frown on her face or sniffle to herself while the family enjoyed themselves. 

Anyway, like I said I could go on forever about her but I am sure she will come up later on so we shall move on! 

December 5, 2005 Monday 

I went to the dentist and got 2 cavities drilled. I was so scared, I haven’t gotten dental work done for 3 1/2 years! I totally forgot what it was like, It went real well. The worst part was the numbing, not the needle but the numb feeling. Afterward my teeth hurt real bad. But it was really nice to get my cavities drilled.

We went to St. George for dental work because we had Utah Insurance. The Crick had one Dentist, John Y. Barlow. I had heard so many horror stories about him. My Mom had one from when she was little, he spanked and yelled at her because she was crying. She was like 8 years old. I am so freakin glad I never had to go to him.. blehhh! 


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