October 21, 2005

October 21, 2005

I went to town with Marg, and we saw Matt, he looked pretty scary he had pierces ALL over. But it was good seeing him. Debbie came for a visit I was real happy to see her, she had make-up all over her face she looked fake, when she left she started crying, and she said “I just want to stay here” she was real sad. 

Marg is my Aunt, married to my Moms Brother, Ben. He was the one who stayed with her when her Parents split up. My Dad was placed as Bens Priesthood head when he married my Mom so I grew up looking at Ben as my Brother. Matt is Margs brother, Piercing your body was considered evil and that must have been why I commented on it, he must have looked wicked to my young mind. This was back when it was okay to see relatives that left. We were told not to seek out their company but it was allowed to visit them every now and then, Just not in our Priesthood homes that were dedicated to the Lord.

My sister Debbie is the oldest in our Family. She left a week after her 18th Birthday in May of 2005. She had a really rough time after she left because she didn’t have a gradual introduction into the outside world. She had a rebellious streak like all my siblings but she was the oldest and had a lot of responsibilities and trust from our Parents. When she left it was a HUGE shock to all of us, she had shown no signs of being on the verge of leaving, she was super pretty and very very popular with the rebellious boys. She was allowed to make her own dresses and they differed from the traditional FLDS garments, they were form fitting and had bright colors and patterns, she even bought a few gentile skirts and blouses. She also had a very outgoing and flirty personality which was uncommon in FLDS women so she attracted a TON of attention.

There was an FLDS way of flirting or letting someone know you liked them and it was by “cruising” their house just to catch a glimpse of the person of interest. She had at least 2 dozen young men going after her and this was a well known fact. She was looked down upon by the more prestigious people in the community, My uncle even went as far as to outline how loose he wanted his Daughters dresses to be as to not reveal their figure, Heaven forbid they turn out like Debbie! 

So, I guess she was good at hiding just how far her rebelliousness had ventured and everyone was shocked. She left with a kid named Jeremy who took her and basically dictated her life for a few years, just as if she had remained in the Crick. He was heavily into drinking and drugs and a few times even put drugs in her drink, She was not allowed to pick out her own clothes or get a job because he was jealous and didn’t want other guys to look at her. He never gave her money and she never had food. She no longer eats pretzels because they lived off pretzels for nearly 2 months during which she was hospitalized for a Kidney Infection due to dehydration and lack of proper health care. One day she got so sick of sitting in the apartment alone all day so she walked across the street to a Quiznos and applied for a job. She got the job and there she fell in love with the Manager, Trevor and her best friend, Addy who enabled her to leave Jeremy.

She is still with Trevor and they have a cute little 4 year old named Treyson. She is now a very good massage therapist and works at a resort in Park City.  


2 thoughts on “October 21, 2005”

  1. I think it’s a very good thing you are doing here. It is so easy to dehumanize those who are different – we forget that their worldview was shaped in an environment we cannot comprehend. Though it may be difficult to do so, I’m grateful you are writing because…well, because it made FLDS members more human to me. Thanks.

    1. You are welcome! I agree completely. I try to put myself in other peoples shoes because I am always confronted with comments like “how in the world could you live like that” or “I could NEVER do that, I am much too independent” well, it was all I knew. There was nothing I could compare it with. I am glad I can help people understand a little more. Thanks for reading!

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