November 13, 2005

November 13, 2005

We have been having troubles with the law lately, they took all the UEP Property, we could get booted out of our house any day. Seth Jeffs (Uncle Warrens Brother) got arrested and he had 500,000 dollars, hundereds of letters, and a whole bunch of important documents from other stakes of Zion, he was bringing to Uncle Warren. The FBI took it all and put Seth in jail. Seth told the FBI that he worked at DAGROW (thats where Father works) Now the FBI are are bugging the people that live in Mesquite and Guy (the boss) is expecting the FBI to pop in at any moment at DAGROW. The FBI tapped Fathers phone and Father thinks they did the Mothers too. Father said not to talk about Uncle Warren or the Priesthood on the phone and to be really careful what we say. Uncle Warren is on the Top 10 most wanted in the US! Its SO crazy!!

The UEP stands for United Effort Plan, which is the FLDS ultimate goal, It basically means that the church owns everything, all the work and money the people make are given to the Store House and then everyone is given rations of what they need. This stands for houses, clothing, vehicles, animals and these days, Children. UEP is the name that the church used for its trust that owned all the land in Colorado City and Hildale. 

I remember feeling so appalled that such a good man like Seth would be arrested. I never once thought that he might be in the wrong. I believed it was persecution like what happened to Joseph Smith and something that we had to endure to make us become more like God. 

DAGROW was a Truss building business ran by the FLDS in Mesquite, Nevada. My Dad worked at. It was involved very closely with the Church Leaders and was always surrounded by an air of secrecy. 

November 15, 2005

Uncle Warren sent us a message, it went directly to DAGROW, and I’m not supposed to tell anybody but I guess its alright to tell you! he said “If you know what was coming you would be on your knees crying for deliverance night and day. You won’t be able to recognize this land when the destructions are over. The Lord allowed Seth Jeffs to get arrested and those documents to get into our enemies hands to test the people, I pray you will pass it!” He said a lot more things and in a much better order but thats the best I can do! 

Like I said, DAGROW was like its own special little world. I felt honored and a little scared to be apart of it. I always wondered what our Family would do if my Dad got arrested. 

The Destruction’s-  Man what that did to my little head. Ever since I can remember we had been preparing for the day the Lord would send his judgements across the land and swipe the wicked off the face of the earth. We were told there would be Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunami’s, volcanoes, uncontrollable fires, the earth would open up and swallow whole cities there would be diseases where the afflicted persons flesh would fall from their body, Mother would turn against Daughter and Father against Son, The Native Americans (to us, remnants of the Lamenites from the Book Of Mormon) would come and slaughter people if they weren’t wearing their long underwear (long white jumpsuits that covers the entire body) The Chinese and Russians would land in California and there would be Nuclear war, there would be Mobs that roamed around and chopped people up. I was told that if the day came and I wasn’t ready I would not be lifted up with the righteous. It was scary as SHIT! It was always looming over my head. Every time there was a bad storm or a group of helicopters flying over head I would get sick to my stomach with fear and the realization that I wasn’t ready for the Destructions yet and I was going to die. 

Getting messages like that from Warren usually spurred a repentance that lasted a month or so. I tried so hard to be good. But I loved to read so much! I have resigned myself to dying multiple times over things, Books, movies, that boy I talked to, that bad feeling I had. 


2 thoughts on “November 13, 2005”

  1. Jessica, publishing this is amazing. I am from another branch of your family. If you would like to touch base, or just have a friend, look me up. My email should show up in the admin of your blog.

  2. You’re missing out the ‘fun’ part: What Seth Jeffs got arrested for… He actually got arrested for solicitation of prostitution from Nathanael Steed Allred. The cops stopped Seth and Nathanael’s car for a minor traffic violation. Seth and Nathanael behaved very strangely. The polcie didn’t know that they were FLDS or that Seth was Warren’s brother. During the police interview Nathanael said that the $ 5000 he had personally (separate from the $142,000 rather than half a million that Seth had in the trunk, which Seth was bringing to Warren of course) was for sex acts that he had performed on Seth. The police were completely mystified. It’s the most INSANELY idiotic thing to admit/make up in a police interview. Which is why I think (as bizarre as that may sound), it may actually be true. Cause if made up on the spot, it was the most dumb lie ever – cause he was of course charged with prostitution. You can read Seth’s police report here:

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