This is Me

Hi Everyone! 


My name is Jessica. I will be 22 on December 23, 2013. To all appearances I am a normal girl with a normal life. Now, some people wouldn’t define me as normal or my life as normal. But what is normal? Every single person alive has a unique story, their own special pain. We all have different things we believe or once believed that a lot of people can’t really understand. But we don’t need to hide who we are. We all have our paths to choose and things to be passionate about. This is my story.


I was born on December 23, 1991 in Utah. I was my Parents 4th child and I had 2 older sisters and one brother. I now have 12 siblings from my Mother and 5 half siblings from my Dads 2nd wife. 

Yep, you heard that right. I had 2 Moms. See, I was born into a community known as the FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints) who basically follow Mormonism as the Founder Joseph Smith ordered. Polygamy and all. I was taught we broke of from the mainstream church because the Church’s 4th Prophet, Wilford Woodruff was a false prophet and he signed the “Manifesto” vowing that the Church would stop practicing Polygamy. We followed the “True Prophets” that went from John Taylor, Lorin Woolley, John Woolley, John Y. Barlow, LeRoy Johnson, Rulon Jeffs and the infamous Warren Jeffs. The FLDS slowly gained followers through those first years and became quite a large group of people led by Warren Jeffs. 

Anyway. Plenty of time to get into the details later. 

So that is what I was born into. You may think that only an idiot or crazy person could live like that but when you are born into it, when its all you know. Let me tell you, its not that strange. Its the only thing you know and the only thing you want. 

I have always loved writing and as a result I have four journals completely full of my story. from my own young mind who still fervently believed in everything I was told.


I want to share that with you. I will be taking exerpts from my Diary’s and letting you read them and of course I will explain things more as time goes on. I hope you will enjoy!




6 thoughts on “This is Me”

  1. Jessica, thank you for sharing your journals, thoughts and life. I am so glad that your mother took you to the library and opened a window to the world for you. I have only read a few of your posts, but your journal entries from being a teenager are such a unique glimpse into the world you grew up in. The after thoughts you add are so helpful for someone from a different culture. Thank you for sharing your life

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